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Special Meeting

The Franklin Township Board of Trustees will hold a special meeting Friday, October 25 at 5:00pm. The purpose of the meeting is to adopt a resolution. The meeting will take place at the Franklin Township Administration building, 418 Fairview Drive in Carlisle.

Noise Resolution

Franklin Township Board of Trustees are currently considering the adoption of a noise resolution. At this point in time they are asking for public feedback. If you have feedback to contribute please email Traci.Stivers@FranklinTownshipOhio.us.


It’s important to understand that a Township is different from a city or village, and even from a home ruled township. Franklin Township is limited in what rules and regulations it can enforce by the Ohio Revised Code. We will hear public opinion and redraft any language multiple times before a final decision is made.


Please check back regularly for updates.

9/10/2019 UPDATE:

After considerable thought and seeking counsel from the governmental subject matter experts enforcing our resolutions, the Franklin Township Board of Trustees have concluded to not pursue a noise resolution.  Please understand Franklin Township has limited statutory authority.  The State of Ohio has granted different policing powers within jurisdictional areas of cities, villages and home-rule townships per the Ohio Revised Code authorities.  This was a challenging and thorough decision process, we greatly appreciate your understanding.

Tara Estates
Resolution No. 02-04102019