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Rules & Regulations for Booth Operation
Below is a copy of the 2019 application for informational purposes only. As soon as the new application is made available it will be posted.

1.    Each operator must return the following items:     


A.) a completed application     

B.) a signed release of liability form.

C.) a check made payable to Franklin Township, with “Booth Rent” written in the memo line, in the applicable amount:

Screen Shot 2019-04-22 at 9.41.45 AM.png

2. You may send your registration packet in as early as May 1st. Packets should be mailed to:   


Franklin Township

P.O. Box 364

Franklin, Ohio 45005

ATTENTION: Stephanie


3. No refunds will be made after September 1, 2019.


4. We have limited space available and want to ensure the success of our festival for years to come. Therefore, not everyone who applies will be participating. You will be notified via email if you are selected to participate in the festival, as well as to where your space will be located. Please contact Stephanie if you have not received notification by October 4, by phone @ 937-746-2852. Dissatisfaction with a space assignment is not considered grounds for a refund.


5. Booth spaces will be measured and marked by 5pm the day prior to the event. Any vendor whose booth exceeds the assigned space will be asked to modify their booth. Please measure carefully and include walkways. NO OVER SIZED BOOTHS WILL BE ACCEPTED.


6. Due to the nature of the site, we cannot allow vehicles on the grass. Staff will be on hand to help you carry your items to your booth space. A rolling cart or dolly is often helpful if you have access to one.


7. All booths must be set up by 9am the day of the festival. Spaces may be released and filled if not checked in by then, with no refund due.


8. All food booths must have a 10 lb fire extinguisher. All extinguishers must have a current inspection tag and unbroken seal. The fire inspector will begin his walk through at 11am the day of the event.


9. No exclusive sales rights or guarantees on location will be granted. The festival committee reserves the right to restrict exhibitors with respect to methods of operation and display materials. Entertainment or music shall not be allowed. The festival committee reserves the right to close any booth found to be disruptive of other planned entertainment, with no refund due. The festival committee has the final authority.


10. Minimal security is provided before, during and after the festival. However, The BARK-Tober Fest Committee, Franklin Township, and it’s agents are not responsible for damage, theft or loss of exhibitor property.


11. Hours of operation are as follows:


Saturday, October 5th, 2019

10AM - 4PM


*Note this is two hours longer than previous years.


Set up may begin as early as 6am and must be completed by 9am. All booths MUST be open the designated hours of the festival. Booths cannot dismantled until after the close of the festival. If you leave early you will not be invited back. An announcement will be made letting vendors know when they may dismantle.


12. Operators may be banned from this and future events if:     


A. Booths are not removed and cleaned up by 6:30pm the last day of the festival.     

B. The operator buys a booth for resale.

C. The operator misrepresents the category their booth falls under.

D. The operator misrepresents or changes the items sold.     

E. The operator or authorized members conduct is detrimental to the best interest of the festival.     

F. The operator or authorized members violate any of the rules and regulations.


13. All booths must be free standing, no stakes or guidelines.


14. No signs are allowed outside of your booth space. Please be respectful to your neighbors.


15. All trash must be bagged and emptied into our dumpster.


16. No beverages may be sold or given away by anyone not registered to sell food


17. No illegal, dangerous or messy merchandise may be sold. I.E. Silly string, knives, guns, fireworks, etc.


18. Booths will not be supplied with electricity. If you need electricity you may use a generator, which you must provide.


19. Food vendors must comply with all current health standards, state, county and local laws. Call Warren County Combined Health Department 513-695-2427. Food booths will only be permitted to serve foods listed on the booth application. Operators may be required to alter their menu if there are several duplicates. If this is the case you will be notified by September 30th. Food service permits must be available on request by Warren County Combined Health Department.


20. We ask that each vendor donate a door prize valued at no less than $15.00 to the festival committee. Your business will be given credit for the prize upon drawing for the prize.


21. All raffles and games of chance must comply with state and local laws and regulations. Contact the Carlisle Police Department to verify that your game is legal.


22. Operators and authorized members may not leave their assigned space to solicit or distribute information. The festival committee reserves the right to remove any person(s) caught doing this, with no refund.



23. Operators guarantee that all information provided in the application for booth space is true and correct.


24. Operators and authorized personnel agree to hold harmless and indemnify the BARK-Tober Fest committee, Franklin Township and it’s agents for any action relating to the event, including but not limited to injury, death, damage or theft. Operators agree to pay any reasonable attorney fees or court costs incurred by the BARK-Tober Fest committee, Franklin Township or it’s agents as a result of actions by operators which are covered by this agreement.


25. No grease is to be placed in the trash cans or dumpsters. Operators must take grease with them.


26. Submission of an application indicates Operators agree that they have read and understand the rules and regulations outlined herein and, it is agreed that these rules are part of this contract and no other agreements whether written or verbal, implied or expressed, shall be binding upon the parties unless in writing and signed by the Chairman of the festival committee.


Please mail registration packet, as specified in item 1 of the Rules & Regulations to:                   


Franklin Township

P.O. Box 364

Franklin, Ohio 45005

ATTENTION: Stephanie


All lessees must be listed.

Event Registration
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