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Administrative Staff

The Township Administrator is appointed by the Board of Township Trustees and serves as the Chief Administrative Officer of the Township. The Administrator is responsible for the proper and efficient administration of Township affairs in accordance with Ohio Revised Code 505.032. 

Darryl Cordrey FT .jpg
Darryl Cordrey

Mr. Cordrey has served the Township since 2022.

937.746.2852 Ext 105

The Administrative Assistants are appointed by the Township Administrator and provide support to managers, other employees, and office visitors by handling a variety of tasks in order to ensure that all interactions between the organization and others are positive and productive. 

Bree Lopez.jpg
Bree Lopez
Administrative Assistant - Admin Office

Mrs. Lopez has served the Township since 2022.

937.746.2852 Ext 100

Stephanie Hubbard.jpg
Stephanie Hubbard
Administrative Assistant - Woodhill Cemetery

Mrs. Hubbard has served the Township since 2017.

937.746.2852 Ext 102

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