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Franklin Township provides free bus transportation to Seniors over 60, and disabled with a documented disability, to and from doctor appointments, shopping, and other select destinations within the Carlisle, Franklin, and Franklin Township area. Riders may have a caretaker or companion to assist them, but the caretaker must be a minimum of 16 years of age and must ride and be picked up at the same time and location as the senior citizen/disabled resident.

ADA Information

We believe we have some of the best drivers in the world. Our drivers are kind and compassionate individuals who will take great care of you, or your loved ones. Drivers will go to the door of the pick up location and assist seniors to the bus, ensure that they are safely secured in the senior van and then assist them to the door of their destination.

Our drivers must have a valid Ohio drivers license, submit to random drug and alcohol screenings, background checks, and complete annual drivers training courses.

James Lickliter

James has been with Franklin. Township since 2021. A Village of Carlisle resident, he enjoys volunteering and serving on committees in his community as well as reading, shooting and playing computer games.


To schedule a pick up, please call 937.743.8100. We ask that riders schedule medical appointments 1 week in advance to ensure availability. Riders can call up to the day before, but availability is not guaranteed. We also ask that all medical appointments be made prior to 2pm. We ask this because if a rider is seen by the healthcare provider late, then that extends the pick up time later and could be past the end of our driver's workday, and we want to ensure staff is on hand to pick you up.


The Franklin Township Senior Van offers free transportation to all Franklin Township residents age 60+ or any resident who is disabled. To receive transportation you must be able to provide proof of residency by submitting two of any of the following acceptable documents:

  • A valid Drivers License or State issued ID

  • An utility bill dated within the last 60 days

  • A letter from your employer on company letterhead

  • A tax bill

  • A bank statement with your name and address on it dated within the last 60 days 

  • A phone bill with your name and address on it dated within the last 60 days

Travel Radius

Riders must be Franklin Township residents. The bus will travel up to 10 miles from the Township Administrative Office, 418 Fairview Drive, Carlisle, Ohio 45005. 

Priority Transportation

While the Franklin Township Bus will take riders to a variety of activities and destinations, medical appointments will be given priority.

Senior Bus Rules

1. Because we want to ensure the safety of all or riders, we must insist that every rider wear a seat belt.

2. Profanity & Tobacco use are strictly prohibited.



Greater Dayton Regional Transit Authority Program 5310 Grant

In 2017, Franklin Township was awarded a grant in the amount of $39,343. for the purchase of an MV1 vehicle. This vehicle is handicapped accessible and is used as part of the Senior Transportation program in Franklin Township.

Elderly Services


Franklin Township provides funding for the Walter & Audrey Deardoff Senior Citizen Center. The center provides classes, social events and services to keep you active and healthy!

Meals on Wheels


Meals on Wheels™: delivers fresh, nutritionally balanced meals directly to the home of those unable to cook for themselves. 

Additional Supportive Services

Supportive Services connects older adults to programs and services that help them solve problems they may face.

Staff assists with home repair, insurances, Medicare, Medicaid and prescription coverage, as well as applications for other benefit programs.


Call Supportive Services for more information:  513-508-0860

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