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2024 Comprehesive Plan 



Franklin Township is pleased to announce that the township will develop its first Comprehensive Plan. The Comprehensive Plan will serve as a blueprint for the Township's future. This impo1tant document will be used by local officials and Township's departments to guide decisions that can help and support residents and local businesses.

The Comprehensive Plan will cover a wide range of issues that impact the quality of life in Franklin Township, including but not limited to neighborhoods, parks and cemeteries, fire service, public services, roads and infrastructure, land use, and economic development. This is a very important document in guiding how actions are taken in these areas and impacts the growth patterns of the Township. The policies and strategies in the Comprehensive Plan will affect the day-to-day experience in the Township through providing guidance on improvements to future roads; what new development should look like; and priority locations for park and cemeteries improvements.

The plan discusses where Franklin Township is, as a community, wants to be in the next 10 to 20 years, and how the Township is going to get there. Most importantly, the Comprehensive Plan is a document that would be written by the community and expresses what makes Franklin Township a unique and special place to live and work.

To start the planning process, the Township is launching a website and a community survey. The survey touches on many of the plan's topics and asks residents their ideas about the Township's opportunities and challenges now and in the future. Sharing your voice during the Comprehensive Plan process is one of the most direct ways to influence the future of the Township. Comments can be made through the Franklin Township Comprehensive Plan website at where information can be found about the Comprehensive Plan, meeting recaps, statistics, and maps.

Mdia ContCameron Goschinski, Planner II

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